How to Give a Massage Techniques For Erotic Massage?

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There are some key differences between sexual and conventional massage. Well you might already know: erotic massage is all about sexual arousal. Curious as to how to give a sexual massage? It’s no rocket science, but a few basic techniques you must learn before actually getting started will go a long way toward making this type of massage your most preferred and enjoyable form. If you do not know any techniques for erotic massages, rest assured that with these tips you will be well on your way to learning some.

Before you even begin to learn about erotic massage techniques, be sure that you know the correct technique for your body and your partner. This will ensure the comfort and pleasure of both you and your partner. When learning how to give a massage, do not think that just because your partner has a specific tender spot that you need to stimulate it, this is not so.

When learning how to give a massage, it is always important to first and foremost get the body relaxed and in sync with your partner. This means that you must have both your hands on their bodies in a gentle fashion. Do not squeeze their muscles as this will only serve to irritate them and will only cause them to have an extremely difficult time relaxing.

Do not rub their arms, shoulders or back; but instead use your other hand to gently rub their buttocks, chest or neck. You can start at the bottom of the body, going up and down to the top, paying special attention to their neck and face areas. Try not to go too far up or down as your partner will probably be uncomfortable, just as you will if you were going down on your own.

Do not ever use a single hand for giving a massage, if you do you are setting yourself up for injury. Each hand should be used for at least two strokes, one across the back of your partner and the other over their breasts. This ensures that your massage is truly an erotic one. and not just a regular massage where you use your hands.

Now when it comes to your partner’s body, this is where things get really exciting. Start using your hand under their navel, gently pressing down towards their groin and working your way down. You may want to work your way from the pubic bone down towards the glans and back again. If you feel they are uncomfortable with this, then simply remove your hand and move onto your other hand, using your palm for support and you can then gently press in the same direction and again to work out the other hand on their shaft, again keeping your attention on their genitals.

It may seem a little bit strange to you to be massaging your partner’s breasts, but it is a good idea to make sure that they are comfortable with this. After you have done this a couple of times, move on to rubbing your palms over the breasts and then their nipples. Never apply pressure to them, rather you should feel the resistance, this is how the skin contracts and expands during a real sensual touch. If you find that the skin is moving, this is a clear indication that you are on the right track.

Once you have learned some erotic massage techniques for erotic massage, it is now time to find out where you are able to practice it. Try an office, hotel or even in a public shower stall. If you are going to be performing in a public place, make sure that you know exactly where your clientele are and that you have a safe-guard to hide behind. You never know what could happen and being a responsible member of society means you may want to put a little extra effort into keeping your clients safe.

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