Keeping Your Sex Life Alive Post-Kicking

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Sex is vital to a successful relationship, especially after kids arrive. In fact, studies show that sex after kids are much more fun than sex during and after kids. Some couples even go as far as saying that sex after kids is better than it was before. Here are some tips for keeping your sex life alive after kids.

First, it’s a good idea to keep the sex on the down low. Don’t tell anyone you’re having sex, but if you do, be discreet and don’t let other people know you’re having sex. This way you won’t scare them off you.

It’s also a good idea to keep the sex on the down low when you are with your partner, but don’t let others know about it either. Be sure to talk about your partner’s desires and fantasies with him before and after sex.

As for the size of the bedroom, you can get away with sex bigger than what you had in your youth. But the rule of thumb is: smaller is better! A two-bedroom apartment is not really the place to have sex. It’s better if you just have one room or space for sex and that’s where it’s going to be.

When it comes to sex, remember that a little foreplay is all you need. You don’t need to be doing sexual intercourse while you’re on top and it’s okay to play with him while you’re on top if you want too.

Sex after kids is best done on a special night of the week called “sex night”. Make sure you have a special date just for you and your partner. Don’t worry, there’s no need for expensive hotels or fancy dinner.

Sex after kids does not have to be hard and painful. It can be soft, exciting and passionate with some foreplay, lots of kissing and cuddling and sexy foreplay toys. Don’t forget the condoms and lubricants, too. Sex after kids is really not that hard once you learn to talk to your partner. Talk about all of the things that make you want to make love to him or her. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty and let your partner see what your kinks are.

Sex after kids can be as much fun as you made it. You will feel more empowered as well and you’ll be able to enjoy it in a new light. Sex after kids doesn’t have to be done on a bed or in the missionary position. It can be done in the missionary position. If you still think that is boring, then try a “girl on top” position. Or if you have trouble being adventurous, try a “woman on top” position.

Sex after kids should be done with lots of foreplay. A lot of kissing and cuddling with your partner. Make sure you use lube and lubricant on your fingers, too. After sex, talk to your partner about how it was and what you learned from it. Tell him or her what you learned.

Just because you’ve kept your sex life alive post-kids doesn’t mean that your partner will stop being curious and wanting to have sex with you. Remember that sex is still a healthy part of a relationship and you still need to listen to your partner and work at it.

Sex after kids might also lead to other forms of intimacy, too. As you are talking with your partner, ask him or her about his or her sex life and how he or she has grown.

Talk with your partner as if you had just met, and ask about his or her sex life, and talk about it with him or her. If you are a good listener and open minded, he or she might share their fantasies or concerns about sex with you.

Keep your sex life alive post-kids by keeping it exciting. By keeping it playful and adventurous you and by talking to your partner about it.

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